Monday, July 30, 2012

Art as Therapy – "Lonely"


This piece of artwork was prompted by Illustration Friday's topic of the week. (Illustration Friday is an online weekly artistic challenge and participatory art exhibit)

Originally a picture of me photographed by Mike, I used this image as my canvas to illustrate my own interpretation of this week's topic - 'lonely'.

Being the first piece of art I've created in a long long time, I decided to submit it to the creative blog Shaken and Stirred by Cancer which is a website where people can share their experiences with cancer through artistic expression. Check it out and please send this collaborative blog to anyone you know who may want to share their story.

Art as therapy is the bomb!


  1. You rock Ashley!

  2. Hey chickadee - just saying good day! Love the art, even though it’s kinda sad - but in a good way - very expressive, speaks the truth, artfully ...
    xxx, Heathy

  3. Beautiful and powerful image! Impactful point of view! Prayers for your recovery!

  4. Hi Ashley, so happy you found my blog! It's good to read other stories out there. I have added you to my blogroll and will come back to read your story when I feel better. I also added you on Instagram :) You art is beautiful! It's a great outlet isn't it? Creating something.. out of this sad horrible story that we didn't ask for. XX!