Hi! My name is Ashley. I am located on Sunshine Coast in British Columbia where I live in a little house near the ocean with my hunka hunka (Mikey) and two neurotic felines. By day I work at a community newspaper as a graphic designer. By night I enjoy a good TV series, listening to music, making yummy vegetarian cuisine, being creative and playing guitar or piano. I like taking pictures, collecting seaglass, going on island holidays, watching gardens grow and eating avocados.

Life is usually pretty tame in these parts. But it's simple. And I like that.

On January 3, 2012, at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with stage IIb breast cancer and it completely turned my life upside down. You can read all about the pathology and treatment details here.

Fear of the unknown and the uncertainty has been terrifying…But through the support from family and friends and an inner strength I didn't even know existed, I turned that fear into drive and ambition. With gratitude for each day, I plan on living a long and joy-filled life.

This online world is a place to tell my story. Thank you for stopping by!

Peace xo