Monday, April 15, 2013

There's Beauty In The Breakdown

My heart is heavy today. I am sad for all of my cancer buddies going through tough times. All of my brave friends recovering from or preparing for surgeries... My courageous cancer peeps waiting on test results... The ones in and out of the ER and those who are dealing with relapses. Everyone facing fears, loss and grief. I am sad for the girl I only was acquainted with through Facebook who passed away last week. Devastated for her family and all who knew her. Upset for all who are hurting and are in pain. Saddened by the senselessness that occurred in Boston today. (Seriously, world! Why!?)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Chemo Anniversary & First Flu Since Cancer

Exactly one year ago today I was sitting in the chemo chair for the first time. It feels like yesterday that I was tasting the nastiness of the 'Red Devil' drug as it was being pumped into my veins. I remember it like it was last week. How terrified I was. The nausea before I even had my IV put in. The panic I had. My chemo nurse Allison giving me Ativan. The smells of the drugs and that room. My Mum looking shell-shocked. Mike, white as a sheet. Tanis trying to find things to keep me distracted. I remember so much and yet I have forgotten a ton of it too. Because a lot of it was like one big drugged up hazy hangover. But magnified and worse multiplied by a thousand.