Monday, April 23, 2012

Things That Keep Me Going

I'm a list maker. I love making lists...doodling in the margins and making my list look fun and happy...So that when I cross something off I feel really good!

Ok - I'm a total geek.

No, but seriously, lists are just awesome and totally satisfying... to-do lists, movies to watch lists, songs to download lists, websites to check out lists, recipe idea lists, places to see lists, people you want to catch up with lists...

Whew...I just made a list about lists.

So... every once and awhile I feel like I need a good gratitude list. Lately with all that has been going on with my treatments I've found that I am really trying to hold on to the good things. The stuff that makes me smile and remember that this time is not forever. Sometimes I'll do a "Im looking forward to" list before bed and that always makes me happy. Other times I just like to look back at what's been making me get up every morning. What's been making me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

At this point in my treatment I've still managed to find some good peaceful moments and pleasant distractions... some happy stuff to make things OK.

Here's what I have been enjoying lately:

• Beach lounging...even if it's only for 20 minutes
• Warm sun
• Fresh herbs and home grown veggies
• Good conversations with good people
• Quiet moments with Mikey
• Abber getting to play without getting attacked by Tao
• Getting lost in a book
• Reading up on raw food recipes
• Good advice
• Blossoms and fresh flowers in the house
• Hours spent on the Pinterest app
• Seaglass collecting
• Meditation in the morning
• Savouring food when the flavour is there - taste buds are going :(
• Green tea
• Relax Melodies Sleep App - The thunder, wind chimes and wind combo rules!
• Cute things that kids say
• Breathing in salt air

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring! :) xo


  1. Heya Ashley, I know we don't know one another, but I'm a supporter through a friend of a friend of your dad's (and im the same age) and I came across this and thought of you!!!

    Some amazing things have come from the gerson therapies, a couple documentaries i've watched lead me to say... HEY, I will share this with you!!!

    1. Hi Lauren, Yes I am familiar with gerson. Very amazing stuff. Right now with chemo it is hard to keep a completely raw diet with juicing because of my total aversion to certain foods right now but I am very on board with the principles behind it all and find it all very fascinating! Thanks for sharing the website :)

  2. Hey lady, thinking of you and rooting for you. Loved hearing about the proposal! Tofino is a special place for us too.

  3. Thanks Jen! Tofino rules doesnt it!?