Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dear 2013 & A Note To 2014

Dear 2013,

Even though I was not in active treatment you were still a tough year:

Reconstructive surgery. Tamoxifen side-effects. Chemobrain. Multiple tests and scans. Wicked anxiety. Lack of income. Bad reaction to drugs. More reconstruction. Foob healing set-backs. The loss of some amazing cancer buddies. Some majorly difficult changes I won't elaborate on. The emotional and mental recovery I didn't see coming after cancer.

That was some hard sh!t 2013!

But you were also an awesome year:

Getting the Ruby Slipper Cancer Support Groups started on the Coast. I am BRCA negative and do not carry the breast cancer gene mutation. Mike and I tied the knot and had the most beautiful little wedding. Clean scans. Celebrated my 30th Birthday in Tofino. I was introduced to Young Adult Cancer Canada and attending an amazing retreat in Lake Louise. Met so many new friends. Awarded a grant from Cuck Fancer to help the financial burden that comes with cancer. Had something I wrote posted on Huffington Post & Facebook Stories. Started running again and doing daily yoga. Upgraded our vehicle without going into more debt. Helped my friend Kate set up her Shave for the Brave event where she raised over $6,200 for YACC. And I am able to say I made it through the entire year without having cancer in my body (at least not knowingly!).

As amazing as that bottom part is... 2014 I have some requests:

Please continue to go easy on us. On everyone struggling, coping, dealing and having a rough time. We could use a year where more happy things happen. Less of the hard stuff. More of the good.

In conclusion:

2014, please just be awesome.

With gratitude,

– Ashley

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  1. Happy new year Ashley! Here's hoping 2014 will be a much better year for you. Loads of love, Laura xx