Monday, June 25, 2012

Count Down Is On

Not only are we moving in 5 days but tomorrow is my second to last chemo session. Woohoo!

Currently our little house is filled with boxes (and Abber jumping in boxes, you know... to keep them warm, I guess?)

Pretty much we can't wait to be outta here! The excitement of this is beyond what I can express. We are stoked to have something we can call OURS and have many ideas and vision for the place. Hopefully some of them will come to fruition by the end of the Summer. (Art room/Studio anyone!?) Yay!

A very big thank you to my Mum (and Robert) for making this first home purchase possible :) We are eternally grateful.

Lots of things happening right now! Juggling chemo and packing up house has been trying at times. Both Mike and I are feelin' it and can honestly say we are both a bit burnt out. Maybe even Mike more so in a way. He has afterall been my primary caregiver, works, cleans, cooks and pretty much does everything all the time every waking hour of the day. Once the move is done and chemo is through we hope to chill out a bit this Summer and R E L A X...

Speaking of Summer!!! WHERE THE HECK IS IT!!??

This passed Friday we met the Doyle/Shelling clan in White Rock for the Relay for Life in what felt like monsoon season. It absolutely down poured the entire time for the relay runners. But aside from the rain it was a successful event. My amazing team 'Ashley's Team' raised just over $3,400 of the $51,109 that was donated.

It was a special evening for us all I think... Mamka, my Aunt Karen and I did the Survivor's lap together donning our yellow survivor's t-shirts smiling proudly.

Thanks to the team members who braved the Junuary weather and walked until the early morning hours. This family gathering would not have happened if it were not for the organizer:  fabulous Team Captain Auntie Dianne. Way to wrangle everyone! You guys were troopers :)

On a blog 'house-keeping' note... I have had a few people ask me why they are not receiving the new post notifications after having submitted their email in the top right of the blog. Check your junkmail! You must activate your subscription to receive the emails! :)

... Well, I am off to attack some more boxes and then hopefully get outside to steal some rays. Heres hoping for Summer weather for us West Coasters! It may be sunny out there but it ain't warm!

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