Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Chemo Report : Day 1 • Cycle 1

Just a quick little update to say that so far so good... I seem to be managing ok with only a few little weird things that I am noticing. Nausea has been almost nothing. I am just really tired and feel a bit nutty when I try to close my eyes to rest. It's like an inner movie in my mind that plays but I am not really asleep. When I open my eyes I expect to be seeing what it is I saw with my eyes closed. Like closed eye hallucinations or something? Strange... Making a note of it as I want to try and figure out which drugs are doing what to me. I feel like I'm on sooo many!!

Total drug list today:
2 chemo drugs
1 ativan (needed to chill me out when they put me in the chemo chair!)
4 anti nauseous drugs
1 ovarian suppressive injection

Thankfully the first day seems to be ok. I am told that it will be the first 48 hours that I will possibly get the nausea because that's how long it takes for the chemo drugs to leave my system. After that I will just feel completely bagged and like I was hit with a ton of bricks. Hopeful that tomorrow and the day next will be A-O-K.

And really just wishing for a half decent sleep tonight. I'm supposed to get up every 3 hours to pee so that the one drug doesn't sit in my bladder too long. The idea of getting up in the night doesn't really thrill me. I am the type of person who can sleep like a log and not even be woken up by the sound of an alarm clock. Good thing I have Mikey! He rocks!

Soaking up some Vitamin D on the beach • Gulf Road Beach • Mikey & Me at the Oyster Bar
Mum at the Camp Byng Beach • Cancer Buddies on the ferry • A turkey in the middle of the road
Abber in a box • Hooked up to the chemo drip with my new teddy bear friend • Sportin' a chemo toque

Totally unrelated to my first day at chemo... 
For any of you Vancouverites who have nothing to do this Thursday (April 5) at 7pm - you should make your way over to the Ridge Theatre for a film screening of Forks Over Knives... it could possibly change your life. In a good way. Check out there website and FB page for details. I am pleased to say too that all proceeds go to Inspire Health (The Integrative Cancer Care Clinic that I am now a member of) They can do amazing things for people with a cancer diagnosis at ANY stage. So it really does go to a great cause.

Anyways, the flick looks pretty informative and interesting. It's $20. Tickets can be purchased online at: www.festivalcinemas.ca

There will also be inspirational speakers, Doctors and Nutritionists there for a Q&A segment before the film rolls.

So get down there if you can this Thursday! If I am up for it I'll be going too!


  1. Hey Ashley, really, really glad that things are going okay. I thought of you all day yesterday and wished you luck! Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! jenn